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How iBeacon can help the retailers?

December 24, 2014

Passbeemedia Apple Ibeacon is the real time analytics provider. It is a small piece of hardware that functioning likes an indoor GPS system. Through iBeacon we exchange data with apps on a phone to find a user’s location. If u are a retailer then your customer need to have the app enable in your phone so it allows you to use different campaigns for approaching customers. Today’s iBeacon are more and more popular as many developers have begun building iBeacon support into their apps for retail and payment transactions. By using iBeacon, business can communicate and reach customers with a great efficiency and effectively compete with market competitors. IBeacon offer micro-location analytics technology to their retailers that can help the retailers to delivers contextual and personalized experiences and they can learn customers’ habits, location and social profile.


When apple integrated iBeacon into its retail store?

In 2013 apple introduce iBeacon with IOS 7 and then they integrated it into 254apple retail stores to help online orders and store events. Simply this service work with an app, you can download it and it help to detects customers’ location when they enter in the store.

Now many companies want iBeacon for a big data. Businesses and retailers have a direct way to find their customers that what they doing and pinpoint exactly their location in the store.

It works into three simple steps:

  1. Retailers setup their portal page and order iBeacon from iBeacon portals.
  2. Then turn on iBeacon at their businesses.
  3. Then customer can discover retailers’ iBeacon and view the customers’ information at retailers’ portal page.

Well how iBeacon will help the retailers for business and find customers?

  • IBeacon identify your customers when they visit your store, it can help you to track customers’ location.
  • Through micro-location analytics retailers can find out the customers’ social profile and it create personalized message which is sent to the customers via push notification.
  • It helps to monitor the customers’ flow and then identify the strength and weakness of your business.
  • The retailers can redesigned the campaign that is based on customers’ profile so that their loyalty about a particular shop will be increase and also it affects the number of visiting to the shop.
  • This tool is helpful to create a permanently changing market database with customers’ profile and other information and make market campaign easier for the retailers.

Another most interesting thing of iBeacon is that it being integrated into LED lights. The General Electric is introducing LED lights that have functionally Bluetooth LE for iBeacon and it is beneficial for the retailers to cut off the cost with these low energy lights.

Many retailers are already planning to implement iBeacon in their stores. As many department stores in New York and San Francisco use iBeacon transmitters to track customers moments in the stores and also offer them special deals, as well as in-store experiences to connect home shopping. Even Walmart announced in April to use LED blubs which consume 40% less energy as well as use iBeacon in some of their stores.

About all these we can say that iBeacon offers retailers richer analytics in detail and they can offer their customers a great shopping experience and offer their customers a more streamline experience.